FENNEL SEEDS are one of India's favorite herbs for digestion. You can find a little bowl of these little seeds covered in candy coating mixed with rock salt in almost every Indian restaurant as an after dinner digestive. Fennel was also used by the ancients of Greece and the Romans for its aromatic and succulent, edible shoots. Back in the day the seeds were inserted in keyholes, which were meant to protect a dwelling from ghosts entering on any given night, but especially on Missummer's Eve.~Fennel has a similar taste and aroma to Licorice Root, Star Anise and Aniseed. These seeds medicinal qualities include strengthening digestive fire, yet because of it's sweet flavor is also cooling for aggravated or inflamed digestive tract such as heart burn or abdominal pain . It's calming to the nerves and promotes mental alertness. They also help promote menstruation and mothers milk. Take a pinch to a tiny handful after a meal or add a teaspoon to your favorite tea as a digestive aid.

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