TURMERIC is by far one of the top 3 herbs I would bring, if I ever found myself stranded on a deserted island. The benefits for this powerful, potent plant ally are far too vast to speak of here, however I'll start by saying its an adaptogen, meaning; this plants 'intelligence' is extraordinarily dynamic as it's had to adapt over such a long period of time in order to survive vast environmental changed from perishing or going extinct. This same intelligence becomes a dynamic asset when we ingest it into our bodies. Turmeric's medicinal value is found in it's curcumin oil, which often is extracted from the powder to be used in medicinal blends, so always be sure when your buying the spice, the curcumin is still in there. Curcumin is used for it's anti-inflammatory healing properties; as inflammation is the #1 precursor to most diseases. Turmeric also reduces occurrences in cancer, arthritis, alzhemimers and psoriasis. Its a powerful agent for all skin issues- from wrinkles, age spots to skin cancer. Turmeric is an antioxidant, anti microbial and antibacterial. It strengthens digestion, improves intestinal flora, purifies the blood, strengthens ligaments, circulation and promotes proper metabolism correcting both excess and deficiencies~ Prepare 250 mg. in a milk decoction, as milk (dairy or non) are an excellent carrier for this root. However turmeric is also excellent at staining ones teeth, so if your taking it on a regular basis, ingesting it in a capsule is usually ideal.

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