Ancient legend says that geranium first grew where the prophet Mohammed hung his shirt to dry in the sun on a mallow plant. After the shirt was taken away, the sacred contact with the mallow sprung the these flowers for the first time. The bright pink flowers' origin is from South Africa and was named Umckaloabo. In 1897 this variety was used for the treatment of tuberculosis until antibiotics were developed in the mid-1900s. However, wild geranium of North America have hues of light rosy purple and its roots and leaves were used to treat toothaches, sore throats, hemorrhaging and diarrhea. There are over 700 varieties of geranium world wide and have long been used for its astringent quality. When the essence of geranium flower was discovered to have almost an identical smell to the more expensive rose flower, it was used on mass as a buffer to rose oil. Some of the medicinal attributes include being antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, an insect repellent, sedative and a remedy for bone fractures, tumors and wounds. Geranium essential oil was one of my favorites for years, as natural deodorant and all round general bird bath.

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