Epigenetic Plant Medicine Workshop Saturday August 15th and Sunday August 16th 11am-6pm

Please join us for a very special class experience with master teacher Prashanti deJager. Ayurveda has understood Epigenetics and their plants for thousands of years, where western science has only given rise to this concept in the last 2 decades. The emerging science of Epigenetics describes the ability for a cell to evolve from direct experiences. Through cell memory and cognition, the cell changes are inheritable, hence accelerating evolution of a bloodline or species. People can use Epigenetic herbs to evolve in this lifetime, even minimize inherited diseases my optimizing their DNA to support who they really are and want to be. Other topics will include practices that optimize restoration, cognitive function herbs, which evolve focus, memory, creativity and strategy. We will also be discussing Vedic Spirit Medicine and demonstrating medicine making for medicated oils for your body, hair and oil pulling. weekend workshop: 240. 15% discount with early registration Contact: raven@blumhousewllness to register Prashanti deJager M.S. has over 25 years experience in plant medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish. He spent over a decade in India fully immersed in the Vedic Sciences and has extensive training as a practicing Ethno pharmacologist and Ayurvedic Clinician in North India. Through his service treating hundreds of patients he was inspired to co-create a sustainable Ayurvedic herbal company now known as Organic India.

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