Stewarding the Medicine of Plants and Food in our Everyday Lives

Stewarding plants, food and the vast array of medicinal nourishment our dear Mother Earth gives so effortlessly thru the profound alchemy of the 5 elements. And in the spirit of stewarding our precious allies, I'm excited to be teaching a class on THE MAGIC of the 5 ELEMENTS thru the LENS of AYURVEDA. I'll be teaming with @activeculturefamily in San Diego to explore herbs and food and how to work with our everyday culinary herbs, spices, food and tea as medicine. This will be a wonderful experience not to be missed on OCTOBER 1st. Space is limited, so please RSVP in advance! For registration and more info, visit: ****I will also be offering Pulse Reading Consultations on Oct. 2nd in San Diego*** Again, space is limited! Please register in advance..

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