​•||BELLADONNA||• This alluring flower rides the edge of danger and seduction because of the powerful effect it has on the consumer. The name Belladonna comes from Italy and means 'beautiful lady'. The berry juice was historically used to enlarge pupils which woman used to give a striking appearance of arousal, however the risk involved was a poisonous one. Atropa belladonna contains a psychedelic alkaloid, which is extremely dangerous called hyoscyamine. Atropa takes its name from Atropos- she of the three fates whose job is to cut the thread of life. A 'trip' with Belladonna starts with a pleasant hypnotic effect, however thru its long duration progresses into blurred vision, dry mouth, babbling and eventually into extreme confusion, panic and anxiety. From the stories and descriptions~ of root to berry~ I give an extremely wide berth of space to this plant. Only the very adept medicine person would know how to properly administer this plant. However, to this day it can still be found in modern medicine, such as sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and asthma medication. Regardless, I bow with respect to the power of this plant, yet swiftly go along my merry way. I don't mess with this one!

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