Vastu Shastra Workshop Dec 5th and 6th

VASTU SHASTRA WORKSHOP December 5th-6th~ is an ancient system fundamental to Ayurveda, Yoga and the Vedic Sciences, which becomes a guide not only to create a harmonious living space but also how to listen to Mozart, look at a painting or make a meal. By working with elements in nature, similar to Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra is a living science, which comes from the Rishis of India, teaching how to harmonize space. By understanding good energy movement in our living environment we make room to create harmony in our body, mind and relationship with others. Vastu moves beyond the importance of de-cluttering space, it's a foundational aspect of Ayurveda and the Vedas, which supports health and well being on all levels. This is a rare and unique workshop taught by Prashanti deJager, an event not to be missed! Click the button to purchase your ticket!

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