In many Native American cultures cedar is considered one of the 4 most important sacred plant medicines- along with sage, sweetgrass and tobacco. Cedar is used ceremonially as a way to clear space from toxic or malefic energies. Many tribes use it to purify space associated with prayer, healing and protection against dis-ease. Because it's evergreen in nature it also is associated with strength and consistency. . In the Northwest, tribes hollow out the trees and make canoes, which is a time honored tradition making it an excellent form of transportation to follow the salmon run and visit neighboring clans. Cedar is also used to make art, carving totems to honor our ancestors of the animal spirit kingdom. Cedarwood as an essential oil has a calming effect, its anti fungal and anti-infectious, it helps psoriasis, skin diseases and supports nervous and respiratory systems. Having cedar essential oil burning in a defuser during the winter season is a smart thing to do. It will help keep your space clear of any pesky cold and maintain respiratory health if you or your loved ones already got hit with one. Carving by: Albert K. Joseph- Squamish Nation

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