In astrology Capsicums fall under the domain of Mars, the ancient God of War, which is associated with his hot fiery nature. It's said in history those who frequently ate red peppers were protected against poison. In a ritual in Mexico chilies are instrumental in countering harmful spells and are well known for their protective pharmacological properties. Among the Hispanic community and Native Americans of Guatemala, chilies are considered to be a cleanser for the evil eye, bad luck and bewitchment. The same notion is true among East Indians from Trinidad, black Hispanics in Cuba and the Colorados Indians of the Amazon.

Because chili peppers are so sharply hot, spicy and pungent they are fantastic for increasing circulation, stimulating poor digestion, boosting the immune system and burning away the last remanence of a cold with lingering mucus or phlegm lodged in the lungs. However if your body already runs hot, dry or experiencing inflammation of any kind, it's strongly suggested to be very cautious of these fiery little buddies. Be mindful to balance this powerful spice while deeply hydrating and nourishing food and drink.

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