Metaphorical Dock, London Calls

After being away from my childhood home for so long, which contains this lake and birthed the transition between childhood into young adulthood this view is forever burned into my memory and continues to serve as a power spot I carry with me wherever I go. This lake stands as a treasured totem in my heart only 20 mins by bike from my fathers house. This view has been a source of childhood meet-ups with wild playmates, family and adventure- yet simultaneously always a quiet sanctuary for stillness and reflection.

As I sit now under its winter light and glassy reflection of the sky, it's memory is fortified yet again tattooing itself into my heart as a continued spiritual source of nourishment. . Im stepping onto a plane in just a few hours, a much bigger metaphorical dock into the unknown and by this time tomorrow will be in London. I find myself feeling the same sense of excitement and mild nervousness, just as I felt as a kid before jumping into the cool, crisp, fresh yet dark mysterious water. I could never see more than 4 ft below, which freaked me out a bit yet somehow always knew I was safe and protected by these sweet waters. . London is calling, the mighty beautiful unknown awaits and now I get the wonderful privilege of bringing this lake with me.!

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