Transcendental Meditation

Other than it being utterly freezing and needing to wear 5 layers at any given moment I have to say I'm happily perched with my fellow compadre here in London after a wonderful four day course in Transcendental Meditation through the David Lynch Foundation. My 'awesome' friend surprise gifted the course to me upon my arrival, which was so on point because I'd been praying to find a daily meditation practice for some time after attempting other methods which had felt forced in the past. There's a beautiful ease in this approach to meditation that honestly surprised me in its powerful depth and simultaneously so effortless to include with my already existing practices. I had heard about TM for some time through interviews and podcast's I'd listened to by people who are profound thinkers and activists, which I admired for their work in the world, who spoke with such humble respect for this practice and how it changed their lives. I feel utterly honored and blessed to have received such a powerful yet simple tool, which I now get to carry with me for the rest of my life. I'm genuinely looking forward to how this practice continues to unfold over the coming days, months and years. London's been treating real nice so far... And so far- sooo good!

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