LILAC season is completely popping off here in Vienna and the smell is utterly intoxicating. These flowers have long been my favorite smell since perching under this bushy tree as a child in my parents home growing up in the Northwest Coast of Canada.

The Lilac tree is a native to Eastern Europe, so it isn't surprising to see them growing everywhere throughout the city. Little did I know till recently of this flowers potent medicinal value. It acts similarly to lavender in its cooling, soothing effect when used topically as an essential oil for rashes, burns, cut and scrapes. This flower has also historically been used for heat (Pitta) derangement in the body like quelling a fever or anxiety, panic or general overwhelm. Any flower which has a blue or purple color will usually fall into the category of having a cooling and calming effect on our system. However because of lilacs potency it's also worth noting it can be too strong for people with sensitive skin or when pregnant when applied neat, so always apply with a carrier oil and only topically.

As a febrifuge this powerful flower has been used in the 19th century to effectively eliminate intestinal worms and parasites. Lilac also allows for quick recovery from viruses, which may bring on a cold or flu.

For now however, I'm simply blissed out by its surreal fragrance permeating every ounce of air in my flat :)

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