Street Philosophy

The universe somehow always manages to open up for us to meet the right people at exactly the right moment we're meant to meet them. This prolific woman, in all her honesty and genius has been a powerful reflection as we stumbled upon eachother in Vienna. With both of us writing a book and each in our own intense process with it, we individually discovered the foreign boundaries of these city walls had bigger plans. To roam instead an inner territory of transformation, which would be a journey of complete and final renovation of the heart. As we wandered through, stumbling upon the philosophy of these streets, awestruck by each stone turned to find personal little internal land mines there--- within all of that, for some reason beyond all distraction this is the only picture we managed to take together. A tried and failed attempt at getting ourselves and the building properly into the picture. Regardless. Even if the photo was a fail, this day was a victory. It's a moment worth remembering and a memory worth sharing. Safe travels @bethanytoews.. Prost and Salute to the next chapter unfolding as you fly back to the coast we call west!

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